A Free and Powerful App to Help You Collaborate Effectively

AirSend is an all-in-one app that enables seamless collaboration and eliminates context switching

AirSend is a free and powerful project management and collaboration app.
AirSend is easy to set up and helps you organize projects and collaborate more seamlessly. Screenshot by the author.

Seamless project management that eliminates context switching

AirSend is easy to set up and helps elimate context switching.
Screenshot of AirSend’s official tour page by the author.

Project management for professionals and small teams

What’s nice about AirSend is that the free version already offers much more than what existing apps provide (e.g., Slack’s 10,000 searchable messages, Notion’s 1,000 blocks). It offers many unlimited features: channels, guests/clients, message history, notes/wiki, and even voice/video calls with screen sharing.

Channels and file management

AirSend channels.
Screenshot of AirSend’s channel features by the author.

Voice and video calls

AirSend’s voice and video call and collaborative editing.
Real-time collaborative editing during a video call. Screenshot by the author.

Collaborative Markdown Wiki and task management

AirSend offers collaborative Markdown Wiki and task management.
Screenshot of AirSend’s built-in Wiki by the author.

Email channels without an AirSend account

Many project management tools require your clients and collaborators to sign up for an account to use the service. But AirSend is different — the people whom you work with don’t need an AirSend account. They can receive and reply to your messages in a channel through email, and they can even email files to the channel.

Additional features

AirSend has many other features that are designed to minimize context switching and to make collaboration easier. For example, it integrates nicely with Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail. There are also many communities that have been formed (you can create your own community when you create a public channel). If you’re a developer or want to automate aspects of your workflow, you should check out their developer API.


I’ve used many project management tools and I don’t think any of them tries to address the context-switching problem. Switching between contexts and apps is cognitively taxing and decreases productivity. AirSend is perhaps the first app that tries to reduce context switching and provide a more integrated and seamless experience for its users. I really like AirSend’s concept and goals, and I suggest you try it the next time you start a new project.

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